Finance manager
eng. Stoyan Miladinov
tel. + 359 886 25 16 45

Construction manager
eng. Tihomir Miladinov
tel. +359 886 84 47 87

Design manager
arch. Stanislav Miladinov
tel. +359 886 84 47 82


About us

Construction company "MILADINOVI INVEST" Ltd performs objects from third to fifth category – low, medium and high-rise construction. The company's activities include all stages of the construction process - design, structural work and finishing. The firm invests in its projects with its own funds and compensate property owners.

"MILADINOVI INVEST" Ltd is registered in Sofia city with managers - eng Stoyan Miladinov, eng Tihomir Miladinov and arch. Stanislav Miladinov. Since its inception in 1991 under the name ET(sole proprietor) "STOYAN MILADINOV", the company is a member of the Bulgarian Construction Chamber. The investment firm holds a certificate № I-000063 for execution of objects of a first group, issued by the Chamber of Builders in Bulgaria.

"MILADINOVI INVEST" Ltd has a number of completed sites in the city of Sofia and Kyustendil. The company provides renovations, repairs and reconstructions of facilities, but it mainly specializes in the construction of residential, commercial and office buildings. The company works only with proven brands of the construction market - IZOLA, GEALAN, VELUX, WEBER, FIBRAN, BORO, ETALBOND and others.

The investment firm has a qualified team of professionals - architects, engineers, technical managers, structural workers and a team for finishing.

The hard work and experience, gained over the years in the construction industry, warrant the firm to claim a high quality in the performance of its sites.